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Creating Memorable Art by Michele Carter

August 6th, 2010

Creating Memorable Art  by Michele Carter

Creating Memorable Art by Michele Carter

Painting is a form of creative communication. How to make it rich and memorable is part of the creative process.
A painting needs character development, a sense of time and be a place with layers of interest, just as in your favorite book or movie.

Time is depicted by use of light and or seasons and therefor involves our senses.
Color can suggest a feeling of temperature; warn , romantic or cool and wintery. Also with color comes emotional feelings of happiness or sadness.
When you look at a painting or create one, try and look at it as a painting of light and mood, rather than just objects.

Color , form and texture create character development.
By this process, Ive learned that painting is a joyful lifelong pursuit. No surprise the old masters worked until they could no longer use their brushes! The process of painting is a constant challenge an experience rich in learning and communication.

Thank you for visiting. New insight into art is posted every Wed. Happy painting from Michele -Velvet Spirit Art
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Mistakes and New Discoveries

March 21st, 2010

Mistakes and New Discoveries

Mistakes and new discoveries are my most treasured moments in painting and in life. Although they may be messy -They force me to grow as an artist and person.

Just a random thought. =) Have a Great Week!

Knowing when your painting is finished, by Michele Bruce Carter

January 26th, 2010

Knowing when your painting is finished, by Michele Bruce Carter

Knowing when your painting is finished, by Michele Bruce Carter

Perfect Girl by Michele Bruce Carter

I always start with a concept: a pressing thought, a feeling, or often times music. A concept that can be built upon as the painting progresses.

I need for my work to have a purpose something that communicates to the viewer. If anything I paint provokes thought or emotion in the viewer, painting it was all worthwhile!

I feel connected to the art of Versailles ,where every bed looked like an alter and every armchair looked like a throne. The paintings of 17th c. were luxurious! All mostly commissioned by Louis XIV..which started my painting off , looking similar to the majestic empty eyed statues that one might find in the gardens in Versailles, France.

Then it seemed important for me to express a contemporary concept of women suffering through history. When i look at a female statue from that time period ..I think of how these marble statues appeared to be filled with strength-yet all along Im thinkin, how incapable of humanity these creations are. Much like how women were thought of thru the ages.Then the inspiration just stopped.…Even today I think some may still be in search of a “Perfect Girl” shown in my version of this concept thru the art of painting.

It may not make sense to most-These are the inner workings of my mind and how my paintings come to be =) I get do u?

Thanks for viewing..

I also thought she might like to have a place to live – hence the landscape.



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Inspiration through music.

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Art Speak by Michele Bruce Carter - The Way it Was-Romanticism

January 23rd, 2010

Art Speak by Michele Bruce Carter - The Way it Was-Romanticism

The Way it Was-Romanticism

“Beginning with the late -18th to the mid -19th century, new Romantic attitude begun to characterize culture and many art works in Western civilization. It started as an artistic and intellectual movement that emphasized a revulsion against established values (social order and religion). Romanticism exalted individualism, subjectivism, irrationalism, imagination, emotions and nature - emotion over reason and senses over intellect. Since they were in revolt against the orders, they favored the revival of potentially unlimited number of styles (anything that aroused them).
Romantic artists were fascinated by the nature, the genius, their passions and inner struggles, their moods, mental potentials, the heroes. They investigated human nature and personality, the folk culture, the national and ethnic origins, the medieval era, the exotic, the remote, the mysterious, the occult, the diseased, and even satanic. Romantic artist had a role of an ultimate egoistic creator, with the spirit above strict formal rules and traditional procedures. He had imagination as a gateway to transcendent experience and spiritual truth.” -
Here are a couple links of paintings by some of the Great Masters by subject to get a feel for it... Worth looking at! Very powerful, emotionally charged art.

Romantic Landscapes

Romantic Genre Paintings

The paintings of the creatures of Olympus and men of ancient times have kept me interested in learning more about these artists lives and the history of their times which had them fueled with emotion.

Below are subjects I’ve worked on over the past couple of weeks..with Romanticism in mind. There’s much more to write about but I’d rather not bore you to deth with too much of my yack of inner tranquility and the process of painting. More tomorrow?

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Original Southwest Canvas Print 12x8" Landscape




Sketch © Michele Bruce Carter

Thank you for viewing. Enjoy!

Art Speak by Michele Bruce-Carter

December 8th, 2009

Art Speak by Michele Bruce-Carter

Art Speak by Michele Bruce-Carter

Theme: Whispers Across the Prairie

To know me, is to know me, as a history addict. My inspiration for art, springs up out of an never ending underground stream of history. I am forever amazed with the invention, and imagination of the American people..

Here's how my test run of digital invention and imagination went over the past two weeks..

The Way it Was: A historical perspective.

A promotional letter issued by the Currie Windmill Company during the 1930s reads,

"The windmill is the cheapest power on earth and at these prices you cannot afford to be without one." Currie prices were especially economical, and its machines were called "the poor man's windmill."

In the 1930s the average price was $28. As late as 1950 one model was offered for $39. Its reasonable price and durable construction made the Currie windmill a common feature on prairie farms and ranches, particularly in Kansas.

The Currie windmill in the collections of the Kansas Museum of History has a three-post tower that is twenty feet high. It was built about 1925, and originally stood at the Quail Place Dairy south of Topeka. It was taken down in 1980.

This led to being totally absorbed into photomorphing many of my Kansas landscapes, windmill shots, and reminiscing.

Not much actual brush painting this round. However, here's a description of what has been leaking out of my artist brain, lately. Enjoy!

Photos Right Side Bar
Photo morphed Windmill with a LOT of exposure. Windmill nonetheless.

Firebird over the plains-taken right after a hair raising storm. Love the cloud formation. What does it look like to you?

#3 Campfire Cooking-

(The Whispers Across the Prairie are all available at

#4 Abandoned Homestead Original Art. Acrylic on coldpress-available for purchase. Miniature 2.5 x 3.5 Inches $25-free shipping USA

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Michele Bruce-Carter

Thank you for reading-see you again in two weeks!

Some Insight- Until Next Time:

Christmas seems to mean it becomes easier to show love to everyone, even those we haven't seen eye-to-eye with. We also forget our grudges.

Christmas should last longer. Share love with others everyday. May the love last all through the year!

Warmest wishes to all!

Art Speak by Michele Bruce Carter November 22nd 2009

November 22nd, 2009

Art Speak by Michele Bruce Carter November 22nd 2009

Art Speak by Michele Bruce Carter
November 22nd 2009

The Way it Was
Picasso's Blue Period, is one of the classifications that hold together fairly well. He painted mostly in shades of blue; the mood of these paintings is melancholy, without the hint of satire of his earlier work. They are both stoic and a little sentimental. He gathered subject matter from the prisons and gutters of Paris; he liked to paint beggars, vagrants, and worn-out prostitutes. An early work in this new mode is his "Self-Portrait" of 1901. While he was only twenty at the time, he looks much older here, wizened and hollow. The volumes and contours of his face and coat are simplified.

My Blue News:
Unlike Picasso, I gathered much of my inspiration for blue from storms, water and a feeling of restlessness, since the weather has been at a standstill. Not typical at all of Nov. in Kansas. I have a desire to add turbulent to the tranquil, otherwise boredom sets in -[evil laugh]. So to arouse my dispassionte mood. I splashed everything fierce, wild and turbulent in colors of Indigo,sapphire and teal! My blue period does not embody dismal moods. Blue to me , means Sky, Sea and color in motion. Blue was my mood revitalizer this week. Thank you BLUE!

“If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things in nature have a message you understand, Rejoice, for your soul is alive.”

Thank you for reading-Come back again in two weeks for more Art Speak by
Michele Bruce Carter

Art Speak by Michele Bruce

November 8th, 2009

Art Speak by Michele Bruce

Art Speak by Michele Bruce - Carter Sunday November 8th 2009

"I smile because Im painting smut."-Michele Bruce-Carter

Weekly Update & Motivation:

This week Ive worked on two female figures.One nude and one nearly suggesting nudity?
I think this motivation came from hanging out on facebook with my Marilyn Monroe fan friends. Even moreso the constant stream of music that my people keep me hopping to throughout some very looong nights, Add a bucket of classic Jazz from the 40's-50's, some Johnny Cash, and one awesome helping of the 'Heavy Metal' soundtrack and POOF-sexy paintings!! Fun! Much more to come, Im ever so sure!

Friends and music are much inspiration for me. Thank you for keeping me going this week. ♫

These two are available for purchase as large scale prints. My desire was to spice things up even more. I kept think of this phrase while I pushed paint this week. "Ultra safe is ultra boring" - so branch out, if you can do so without losing a limb. Many interesting things have happened during the course of the week. With much more to come one hopes. =)

This weeks work.


1. Abstract Palette knife painting on hardboard using oil.

2. I have made large paper and gallery wrapped canvas prints available for 'Reclining Rose" acrylic on coldpress.

Ive added two of my earlier pieces that are now also available in large scale.

I turn these two loose on occasion as prints. The originals are in my personal collection.

Much love to my parents, generous friends and collectors.